When an Athlete Gets Hurt, We Can Help in the Training Room

Athletes from all sports run the risk of getting injured.  While we tend to think of most injuries coming from contact sports, about 80% of all sports injuries are non-contact.

We are invested in athletes' overall health, so we provide more than just tools to help them perform on the field.  Our selection for the training room helps athletes have a better recovery.

Recovery: Dual Cryotherapy-Compression

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The Next Generation of Injury Treatment Devices

Developed by a former collegiate baseball player, the Recovery product line offers uniform cryotherapy and compression to different parts of the body. 

  • Multiple re-uses

  • Equal air displacement for a more uniform compression

  • Easily cools in the freezer, can be stored in a cooler with ice

  • Easy to use on-the-go

These tools will increase your program's effectiveness in treating minor injuries such as sprains and strains.  We recommend this for the training room, traveling, and for personal use outside of the training room.  If you are interested in implementing this into your program and would like to see some samples, please contact us.

Massage Assist: Vibration Therapy


Sore, tight, and tensed muscles are a pain to deal with.  When it comes to studies on vibration therapy, they conclude that it is beneficial to relieve these conditions.

Vibration therapy, when used properly, involves the head of the vibrator angled like a plow to move the inflammation, lactic acid, and other fluids through the area.


Stimulating circulation brings oxygen and nutrients to the area, and moving the lactic acid, inflammation, and toxins out of the area speeds up the release of the compressive force on the affected area.

Picture Courtesy of Team Doctors
Picture Courtesy of Team Doctors

The Massage Assist adds value to your training room through its ability to relieve the tension, tightness, and soreness in your athletes' muscles.


  • The massage head creates a vacuum effect to draw circulation into the area. The circulation penetrates rigid muscles.

  • Oxygen soaks the muscles by switching from anaerobic to aerobic metabolism, which reduces the production of lactic acid and slows or stops abnormal muscle contractions.

  • Vibration and deep pressure into the muscles, tendons, and ligaments mechanically pushes out the inflammation, thus eliminating tension in those tissues.

  • The vibrating massage also stimulates the microscopic muscles and spindle cells at the same time while compressing the spindle cells to unload the tension. That message is sent to the brain, which releases the protective reflex spasm in the muscle that is being treated.

  • Lastly, it mechanically stretches the skin away from the underlying fascia to help break adhesions between the tissues that have developed as a result of stagnation of movement.

If you're looking for the right product to get your athletes to perform at their best, this will help them go far.  Send us an email or call us at 260-687-9811.

Vibeassage: Personal Vibration Therapy

Although vibration therapy is good for the training room, Vibeassage makes it possible to get necessary treatment outside the athletic facilities.

Using the same motor, this model applies vibrations directly from the motor, rather than being cable driven.  This allows for better mobility and self-treatment.  Multiple sized massage heads and a 90 degree angle allow the user to get treatment in the right areas and focus the vibrations when needed.


While the Massage Assist is built for heavy use, Vibeassage is perfect for personal use.  We recommend this for when teams travel, need therapy outside training room hours, and when individuals are serious about performing at their best.  Please send us an email or call us a 260-687-9811.


Braces: Taking Care of More Serious Injuries

Accidents happen, and they often require more than icing, compression and other simple therapies.  That's why we offer several lines of durable medical equipment to take care of players after more serious injuries.

These are just some of the affordable and high-quality products we offer:

  • Walking boots

  • Wrist braces

  • Ankle braces

  • Shoulder immobilizers

  • Back braces

  • Elbow supports

We aspire to help athletic programs operate at their best.  Please contact us for more information about our product offerings.

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