Prolift - Back/Spine Brace


Back injuries suck.  That's why we recommend our Prolift Back Brace.  A one-piece LSO brace, the Prolift immobilizes the wearer from the sacrococcygeal junction to above the T9 vertebra (all of the lower back). The front panel provides a hydrostatic lift to help hold the weight of the abdomen, reducing load on the discs.  Ships from Ft. Wayne, IN.

  • Single layer of soft moisture-wicking material makes these braces thinner, lighter, cooler, and less bulky than conventional braces.
  • Anatomical Shape of the posterior panel keeps the brace from riding up when sitting or driving.
  • Compression straps anchored directly to the panel allow for easy application.
  • Center cutout reduces direct pressure on the spine.
  • Split front panel reduces pressure on the wearer's spine by holding the weight of the abdomen to decompress the vertebrae.
We offer special package pricing and custom logos for all sports teams.  Please contact us for more information.
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