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Foreword to A New Approach to Biomechanics

The first few posts of this blog series will draw upon Dr. Stoxen’s book, “The Human Spring Approach to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome". In his book, he explains that there are four functions that the “lever series model” cannot explain, so they become mysteries doctors and scientists have difficulty understanding.

The approach is called the Human Spring Approach because it is derived from his Integrated Spring Mass Model of biomechanics which focuses on the body's spring mechanisms. He states in his book that it brings a better understanding of how our bodies perform 4 vital functions which cannot be explained with lever-based models:

Function #1—How does the body absorb impacts?

Currently doctors and scientists think it is impossible for a body designed as a lever to absorb the impacts of walking and running without injury. That is why they recommend cushioned running shoes.

How do they explain millions of people around the world running barefoot and actually having less arthritis and aging than those who wear shoes? I became a barefoot runner after making this discovery.

Function #2—How does the body recycle energy to prevent early and chronic fatigue?

Doctors know lever mechanisms push with muscles, which burn a lot of energy. With this current method of thinking, it’s impossible for people to run a marathon without running out of energy. How do they do it then?

Function #3—How does the body maintain the healthy spaces for joints?

Levers cannot be engineered to open joint spaces. How does the body maintain these joint spaces?

Function #4—How does the body provide spaces for the safe passage of blood vessels and nerves? (For example, carpal tunnel syndrome, herniated discs, thoracic outlet syndrome, and many other conditions caused by compression.)

The body does accomplish certain tasks with levers, but the above four functions cannot be explained with levers and are logically explained through this Stoxen’s integrated spring-mass model.

This blog contains much information, so take your time and share your comments and knowledge!

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